Wines can be classified primarily by the grape variety used to make the wine ( called varietals ) and the region where the grapes are grown.

Basically, classified into two general categories. They are white wines which are colorless and red wines which have the color intensity based on the soaking time. This is the information that most of us know. It’s not a crime if you don’t know more than this. By the time you are done reading this article on the various types of wine you would  have broaden your knowledge about wines.

But wines can be classified by their taste also: Dry wines, Medium Wines, Sweet wines.

In general the types of wine are as follows.


This is a type of wine made from dark-colored (black) grape varieties. The actual color can range from intense violet to brown.. The juice from most purple grapes is greenish-white; the red color comes from anthocyan pigments (also called anthocyanins) present in the skin of the grape; exceptions are the relatively uncommon teinturier varieties, which produce a red colored juice. Much of the red-wine production process therefore involves extraction of color and flavor components from the grape skin. They are usually drunk at or just below room temperature.


The common types of red wines are:

Beaujolais – this is a fruity French wine made with Gamay grapes

Bordeaux – a French red wine including   Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet France grapes

Burgundy – a French wine made from Pinot Noir grapes

Cabernet Franc – an elegant purplish red wine that is most often seen blended with other reds.

Cabernet Sauvignon – this is a robust, big red wine with a strong character and tannins

Chianti – an Italian wine

Malbec – Argentina’s flagship red wine which is rapidly increasing in popularity

Merlot – a popular red wine with fruitiness



White wines are  wines  whose colour can be straw-yellow, yellow-green, or yellow-gold. It is produced by the alcoholic fermentation of the non-coloured pulp of grapes, The white wines generally range from dry to sweet wines. and  are usually drunk cold, with lighter foods such as poultry and fish not “eba” or “iyan” LOL.

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The various types of white wines includes:

Chardonnay – one of the world’s most popular types of wine, Chardonnay is  fruity.

Muscadet – a very dry white wine from the Loire Valley in France.

Riesling – often considered by wine lovers as a truly top tier wine, Riesling is made in many different styles from light, dry whites to sweet dessert wines. Some of the best examples come from Germany

Sauvignon Blanc or Fumé Blanc – a clean, crisp, usually quite dry white wine.

Semillon – a white wine typically seen from Australia or France (white Bordeaux wines ) in either dry or sweet versions

White Burgundy – a French wine made from Chardonnay grapes

White Bordeaux – a French wine made from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes

Muscat Blanc, Chenin Blanc .Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris and so On are types of white  wines.



From French rosé; also known as rosada in Portugal and Spanish-speaking countries and rosato in Italy)  are also called Blush wines. The majority of rosé wines are made from a red grape varietal and usually pink or blush-colored. Most rosé wines are medium-sweet, The sweeter rosés tend to be favorites of people who are new to wine, because they are often light and  sweet. For this reason, they are a good choice if you are new to wine.( for your T.G.I.F hangout tonight try rosé wines if you are new to wines }


Types of ROSÉ wines in Nigeria includes

Carlo Rossi Rosé- named after the owner, it is  produced from delicious grapes harvested in central valley  of California

Andre Rosé:  is a deep, salmon-coloured California champagne made from a blend of crisp white and succulent red grapes.

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Martini Rosé-  is a beautiful soft pink in color made from Moscato, Prosecco and Brachetto grapes in Italy.

Other Rose wine includes Dourthe #1 Bordeaux Rose,B & G Cuvee Speciale Rose Grenache.

Sangiovese,Syrah.,Mourvedre,.Carignan,.Cinsault.Pinot Noir



Champagne is probably the best known sparkling wine. Although many dry sparkling wines are referred to as champagne, technically Champagne is sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France. The “sparkles” in sparkling wine are bubbles of carbon dioxide, which is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process.


The famous sparkling wines are:

Rose Champagne


Sparkling Red Wine

“Dom Perignon White Gold

The Champagne Cristal Brut 1990

Taste of Diamonds  and many more.




Dessert wines are very sweet, and intended to be drunk with or as a dessert course.

Fortified wines, as their name implies, are types of wine with brandy or other spirits added during fermentation. Many are quite sweet, depending on when the spirits are added, since that ends the fermentation process.


Dessert and fortified wines include:


Sherry (dry, medium, or sweet)


Late-harvest Rieslings

Ice wines

Orange Muscat and other Muscat varieties ES

N.B: *Never put ice cubes in a sparkling wine.

* Its not champagne unless it comes from champagne

* To chill a wine faster add salt into your ice cube in the bucket

Hope i have been able to broaden your knowledge about wines as promised.? when you go for that next event let the bartender know you have knowledge of wines,don’t just say i want a bottle of wine be specific.

Let us  know your best wine choices at the comment section.


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