Humans have and will always evolve that is why we have trendy meals in events these days. Gone are the days you go to an event and the only menu is jollof rice and beef ,now we have varieties of trendy meals to choose from. Mind you there’s no way you are taking away the most popular, most anticipated and most ancient menu (The almighty Nigeria Jollof Rice) away from the list no matter how evolved we are, jollof is here to stay in Nigeria. Before i get carried away on the glorious jollof rice i am here to talk about trendy meals to pick for your event, in which you know the number one on the list “Nigerian jollof”

Preparing menu list for your events should be well addressed and it should also be in accordance to your type of event and your kind of guests.
So here are the list of foods Nigerians want to see on your menu at your event.

Almighty Jollof Rice
Here i am singing praises of this wonderful meal in Nigeria again.God has blessed Nigeria with lots of things but this one cannot be rivaled. lots of people even day dream about party jollof so this should be well cooked by a very good caterer. Don’t hesitate to go on a tasting spree so as to get the best jollof present in your event. This should always be the most surplus of the food in your events because of the high level of demand. Just be sure to get it right and your event would be well spoken of.

Nigeria Jollof (Nigeria Trendy meals
Sannikays Kitchen

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Chinese Rice
This is a Chinese Recipe with a very lovely taste, it is fast becoming a thing in Nigerian party trendy meal on the menu list, though not many know how to consume this very interesting recipe but it should be on your menu list not just to give variety but to also make your guests feel the greatness of the recipe.

Chinese food (Nigeria Trendy meals
Kemabom Catering

Ewa Agoyin and Dodo
The rise to prominence of this local recipe is quite alarming and this should also tell you how very fast humans are evolving. This protein filled trendy meal is made of beans that has been pressure cooked to be very soft and it tastes so good with dodo(fried plantain). No matter how classy your event is you will be surprised at how your guests will rush for this very meal especially because of the dodo. Note: choose your vendor wisely for this particular trendy meal.

Ewa Agonyin ( Nigeria Trendy meals
Agonyin Express


Made of yam and has the color of  jollof. I sometimes call this trendy meal jollof yam only when made by an expert though ‘lol’. This jollof yam is also becoming a popular demand in parties and events so be sure to make this present in your menu list plans

Yam Porridge (Nigeria Trendy meals
Chef Jezz


Amala, Iyan (pounded yam) and semo should also not be found wanting as trendy meals at your event.They are classic and they bring that native feeling to your events and you see guests ordering for more when served with a scintillating and mesmerizing vegetable soup, hmm very yummy and finger liking good meal. This can quickly become catastrophic if not well made and requires a very patient and experienced caterer to handle. So if it takes hiring a police to monitor the vendors when making this recipe, do it “LOL”. What I’m trying to say is monitor this process and hire a professional. To avoid the stress Hire a Professional planner that will help you choose the right food vendor.

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Demo and Egusi (Nigeria Trendy Meals

Small chops

This has to be present in your menu plans. While your guests are engaged with the program of the day, they do not expect the table to be empty and dry. Nigerians want to see small chops served on the table. Our oyinbo friends call it appetizer or finger foods.

Small Chops (Nigeria trendy Meals
12 Baskets Foodse

I hope you find these Nigeria trendy meals compilation helpful, please drop your comments. Guess what! i came across a blog sometimes ago click HERE to find out the little surprise i have for you.Thank me later.


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