Getting Sponsors For Your Events

Setting up a mega event like an entrepreneur exhibition, beauty pageant, youth forum, talent acquisition, talk shows and many others in their kind may require that you get sponsors to relief you of certain bills and expenses especially when you don’t have enough financial power to get it all up. So in this article i will be telling you just how you can get sponsors for your events. Below are tips you can follow to get that sponsorship deal to make your events super. (more…)

Make Your Birthday The One To Remember

So you are about to cycle out of the another 365 days and you think it’s not worth celebrating?  For what it’s worth most people don’t live to see their next birthday but here you are marking another new year in knowledge, maturity, love and happiness. Mehn! You’ve got to make this next birthday a super one. I celebrated mine some months back and it was filled with fun and clinical adventures. You wish i had invited you right?  No need to worry i am gonna give you a laid down plan of how to make your birthday party fun to the fullest! (more…)

How to Have a Fun filled Reception

Your wedding reception is always the highlight of your wedding day and the kind of program you have scheduled for the event is going to either propel the fun or reduce the fun. Your guests must have been to lots of wedding receptions which means they can probably imagine what you want to do next so your very best interest is to surprise them in other to have a fun filled reception party.

This few list of programs can make the day lively. (more…)

How To Build a Team Of Great Vendors

event vendors

Event Vendors selection is a very important part of successful event planning, you can have all thoughts and plans in your head but getting the right event vendors team is key!

I have seen wonderful event ideas with so many nonchalant vendors that lacks the right emotional intelligence to ameliorate the ideas of the planner.

You want to make your event shine bright like a diamond?  Then you need ‘A’ list vendors, the super stars not just one that just has to answer to the word vendor. (more…)

How to Style Yourself For an Event

Events and styles are fast becoming a global force. Ladies and event goers often ignore style and class and choosing to over impress when attending an event.

A standard style is class and would only inject glamour and elegance to your events.

Don’t just bump into outfits while going for an event, choose accordingly, you have to take into serious consideration your body, your colour and most importantly the kind of event you are attending. (more…)

How to Actualize Your Wedding Day Fantasies


The imagination and fantasies of a lady about their wedding day is something that never leaves them for a second even after the wedding day. A girl wants a magnificent wedding day. No lady wouldn’t want to have a perfect and successful wedding.

My 13 year old sister told me how she had planned her wedding day in her head, she said “i want my wedding on a flying plane” i felt the unrelenting determination in her tone and all I could say to her was “best of luck”.

Her response shows just how important that great day is for ladies, the kiss, the dress, the venue, the prince charming and all these big big dreams and fantasy but only a very few percentage of the ladies think about how much work goes into the planning.

For a day as big and future deciding as this there are lots to be put in place to make it worthwhile and here’s a number of things you can do to never have a boring and shallow wedding day. (more…)