Marriage proposal isn’t something that should be done in fear or regrettable anxiety that could make everything blow up on your face, rather it should be something born of meticulousness, pure romance, elegance and an euphoric feeling of fulfillment.

Some will say know your girl before going down on your knees and I ask why would you even want to ask the question will you marry ? to  someone you don’t know, I mean how long you two been dating  before wedding proposal? That’s rhetoric anyways.

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My point here is that, you shouldn’t try to overly do it, you love this lady and that’s why you both are together, so I say plan to the knowledge and ideas of your spouse, don’t try to be too perfect, a great element of surprise should be injected in your plans.

  1. Picking a spot.

You can take her to that place you met her for the first time and recreate the same memory and scene. This will bring back those sweet memories. You can also go to  that place you both like to hang out and plan a special treat that will create a very memorable and romantic atmosphere for your wedding proposal.

You can plan a dinner with her parents and during the dinner you can pop up the big question will you marry me? while on your  knees.. Just be simple and make your  marriage proposal all the more enchanting, do not try to break your budget and go broke before the wedding proper. That’s Just a friendly advice.

Marriage proposal
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  1. Be Adventurous.

Every girls dream is to be swept off her feet with the idea of surprise attached to her marriage proposal. Make your proposal a story by taking her on that fun ride she had been talking about, let every bit of the ride be fun and all about her. Choose a time she is totally into the euphoria of the adventure to go on your knees, just ask will you marry me? I bet you will need my contact to thank me later *winks*.

  1. Be Simple

If you have a shy spouse, you would need to come down to her level so as not to put her on a ledge. Simplify the plans and approach as some shy ladies would easily get fazed with the idea of too much noise in your plans. You can plan a simple dinner with her friends and familiar faces, make sure her favorite music is on the background, be unusual by planning to be the cook of the day (make sure you get help from her friends if you are not that good at cooking). After all is set, plan a simple game that will lead to you going on your knees. There you have it the woman of your dreams just became yours.

4.Choose a Memorable Day.

Get gist of dates that matters to your spouse and plan around that very day. Her birthday will be a perfect fit for your plans. Make plans to sing or get a video of pictures of the beautiful moments you both have had together. You can create a program where you tell the guests about her and take this chance to give her the very best gift you have for her that day which your ring and your undying love.

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