So you are about to cycle out of the another 365 days and you think it’s not worth celebrating?  For what it’s worth most people don’t live to see their next birthday but here you are marking another new year in knowledge, maturity, love and happiness. Mehn! You’ve got to make this next birthday a super one. I celebrated mine some months back and it was filled with fun and clinical adventures. You wish i had invited you right?  No need to worry i am gonna give you a laid down plan of how to make your birthday party fun to the fullest!



  1. Going to your favorite place.

This is something you would readily appreciate, choose that place you and your friends and colleagues have been dreaming about and host your birthday in there. There are good places around you la champagne resort isn’t a bad place for fun. They have great views, beautiful and natural atmosphere that would readily spark up the good mood for you and your friends.  Try it out and you would thank me later.

  1. Games!

This is one part you want to infuse into your birthday programs. Without this your party might just suck! As much as chess, scrabble, FIFA challenge can be fun it’s somehow cliché. Think of a game like dating game. Where the single guys are called out to impress a particular single lady or who has the best approach to a lady they are meeting first time. This requires planning but i bet you it’s fun.

  1. Special Dance

You can plan a special dance as the celebrant to just make your guests laugh at your steps. Infuse some clumsy moves and watch the room go wild with laughter.

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  1. A Boat Cruise.

If you’re that buoyant this shouldn’t be a worry, plan a boat cruise with your friends and enjoy the bumpy ride the nature has to offer on the sea.


  1. Cooking competition.

If you’re having just few friends over, then this will be another unique way to make the day fun. Tell your friends you are having your birthday party at a suitable venue when they get there tell them they all have been hired to be the chef of the day. This can seem crazy but your friends would welcome the idea of having to cook for themselves in your party. Make sure this is accompanied with a very good music and a superb master of ceremony.

  1. Hosting at A Bar.

Getting to host your birthday in a bar or club isn’t something new and this is mostly recommended for the ones with friends that are wild party goers. This is simple, get a lovely and well-known bar and let the dance begin.

  1. Go to the movies.

Plan a movie outing with your friends and make sure it’s one of the best movies out there at the time.  It’s all going to be fun.

  1. Have a dinner with your family.

Plan a very lovely dinner with your family, if you are celebrating with your family. Make it fun by planning games that will spice up the event.

Your birthday is your day!  Celebrate it in the most amazing ways possible.

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