Events and styles are fast becoming a global force. Ladies and event goers often ignore style and class and choosing to over impress when attending an event.

A standard style is class and would only inject glamour and elegance to your events.

Don’t just bump into outfits while going for an event, choose accordingly, you have to take into serious consideration your body, your colour and most importantly the kind of event you are attending.


Casual Events

Knowing what this means doesn’t mean you fly into any kind of dress or clothes you have in your closet. What this is saying is that you don’t overdo the dressing. Look smart, simple and collectively classy as well. Below are samples of styles you can try for casual Events.


Cooperate Events

This kind of gathering requires lots of planning and so you have to also put lots of detailed planning on your outfit. Before rolling into your corporate attires, try to know about the event, the dress code and at least have an idea of the attendees as this has a lot to do with networking for your business and brand. Pick a dress that best suits your colour and the gathering. Don’t dress too sexy as this is the time for business and your career is of more importance here than trying to dress to impress.




This is a classic traditional event and you have to look more classy with your type of owambe outfit. There are numbers of styles to choose for this categories of event.






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