Hello, hope your week went well, my  post for today is about gift ideas for events.  As we walk into the weekend,  several events will be taking place,  we don’t say thank God it’s Friday for no good reason.  Friday ushers in the weekend which goes along with lots of fun and events, if you are a Nigerian and especially  from the west, you know the weekend is always for owanbe and parties. 

Everyone loves attending events but most make it a one sided thing,  where you go for the jollof rice ,drinks chops and souvenirs But takes nothing along to offer your host and hostess.  A lot of people do not do this intentionally, as most people are confused on gift ideas  well,  thank goodness you stopped by thetoluajayievents.com today as I am about to put you out of your misery.

Below, I will be talking about gift ideas for different events that are affordable and easily accessible, Some of them, can be made by you in the comfort of your house. Let’s begin!  Gift ideas for a Nigerian event.

WEDDING:  Weddings are a beautiful event to attend and it’s the best time to shower the couple with gifts especially gifts that will help them start-up their lives as newlyweds. You don’t have to buy a car  to do that, neither do you need to spend 100 thousand Naira to impress the couple.  Here are some simple gift ideas.

* matching Ankara fabrics – They don’t cost much , the newlyweds would love matching outfits.

*Kitchen utensils-microwave, pressure cooker, blender etc.

* A cook book : little but very helpful to the new bride

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* A bed set(bed sheets,pillow cases and duvet)

Gift ideas

 *home decor and Artworks.

*Mug, plates, cultleries sets- you can add a touch to them by customizing.


Gift ideas

One thing you have to remember is that they are starting a new life, so think of what you would love to have as a gift on your wedding day or  what you were given when you got married.

BRIDAL SHOWER: The peak of every wedding preparation for the bride to be.  Bridal showers are meant to be fun and a way of showing the bride to be that you genuinely care about her and you are ecstatic that she is getting married.  A bridal shower without gifts is not a properly planned one.  I planned my friend”s bridal shower some years ago ,precisely 2015 i made sure she went back home so happy cause the shower was fun and she got lots of gifts from friends and families.

Gift ideas
Bridal shower planned by The Tolu Ajayi

Gift ideas for a bridal shower
* beautiful lingerie

* fashion items like shoe, bag etc.


*Bridal glow set

*bath room accessories

*Scented candles

*Beach bag with honey moon essentials*

Champagne glasses

*Decorative napkins

Gift ideas
Scented candles

*Jewelry Box and make purse/box
*Customized picture trow pillows
*Sexy sleep wear
*Light up phones cases .

Gift Ideas
Jay’s beddings

*Books on how to be the best wife and mom

* cash- friends of the bride can contribute something for her during her bridal shower, trust me she will appreciate because weddings cost a lot and she just might have been hoping for some extra cash.

BABY SHOWER: There are tons of gifts you can buy during a baby shower. Such as

* baby items like cradle, clothes,  socks ,diapers

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Customized baby cloth by @nigeriantshirtfactory

* a pillow with the inscription “superb mama”

* you can even cook a sumptuous 3 course meal….  Pregnant women love food.

* an artwork of a mother and child.

* Books for baby and mom http://www.mom365.com/baby/baby-gear/the-best-parenting-books-to-read?

*Massage gift card to book their own private, at-home massage.

* Bath Products.

Birthdays: gift ideas for birthdays are so numerous. as we have different age group and gender but for this post  i will generalise as i will be writing more elaborately on birthday gift ideas soon ,I know you don’t wanna miss that.

* outfits

* birthday cake

Gift ideas

* an all expenses paid trip

* movie tickets and so many more.

It’s very disheartening when one doesn’t receive gifts during his or her event because gifts no matter how small, makes one Feel loved.

Now you have ideas on gift items,  so don’t hesitate to shower your friends with gifts..

I will like to know what gift you have given and received before ,feel free to share in the comment section .

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