Setting up a mega event like an entrepreneur exhibition, beauty pageant, youth forum, talent acquisition, talk shows and many others in their kind may require that you get sponsors to relief you of certain bills and expenses especially when you don’t have enough financial power to get it all up. So in this article i will be telling you just how you can get sponsors for your events. Below are tips you can follow to get that sponsorship deal to make your events super.


1. Your Sponsor Proposal must be great.

Don’t even bother going to get sponsorship at all if your proposal isn’t outstanding and charming.  This is the first step to getting into the heart of your potential sponsors. Make sure you outline all necessary info to clearly state the benefits and returns of your sponsors. Tell them what you do and what you possibly hope to gain with your event and how it affects the growth of your potential sponsors. Your Story should be extremely enchanting with facts and and realistic goals and objectives.



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2. Find the best approachable person in the organization.

This can be somewhat challenging but don’t fret. Get to the public relations department or the marketing department. This are the best places to start from. Build a strong and steady relationship then make sure you select the best of the listening ears you get from the company.


3. Pitch Your ideas With Elegance

This has a big role to play in that your words has to be impeccable to get the attention of your sponsors. You only have a single chance to make this work so do not misuse it. Practice what you say and project integrity.


4. Keep up always.

Don’t be a pest disturbing every time but do not also stay totally off. Learn the best ways to follow up and keep up with your contacts.


5. Don’t waste time.

Be brief,  display quality and assurance without limiting yourself. Be direct with you request and make sure not to waste time doing it.


6. Don’t be self limiting.

Thing is the people you are dealing with makes a lot of money, don’t try to be too modest by asking for cheap sponsorship. They might have reasons to question your integrity if you ask for 20,000 instead of 100 or 200k and above.


7. Give assurance of benefits.

Do not promise what you cannot do or achieve, make sure your promises are achievable and will make your potential sponsors happy in the end.

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