Every year companies and businesses all host series of events to celebrate the success of the year and also to steam off the very busy schedule of work, but they sometimes and mostly forget to host events for their very loyal customers as a means of appreciation. Remember no customer no business. 

The kind of event you host can also and will most certainly increase your customer base if the event can challenge loyalty competition in the minds of the customers. Here are some tips to host a mega event for your customers that will make them feel loved and appreciated.

  1. Create a warm and welcoming environment for the guests

Your customers are the recipient of the event so you want them to feel very homely by assigning staffs people upfront with their best smiles aimed directly at your arriving guests. This will undoubtedly increase the level of connection to your staffs and brand.

  1. Create the kind of event that will stay long in their memories

Remember you are not just doing this to expand your brand and business,  you are also doing this to show a serious level of appreciation so you have to probably make a survey to know which artist or performance they want. People remember events that have something special or unique. Good food and good music are assumed. Look for adding a feature that becomes the talk of the town. This will raise a lot of volume to your brand.

  1. Ensure location and time convenience for your guests

This is where a bit of customer intelligence and participation can bring accuracy and fit. After all, the event is designed for your customers and prospects. Making it convenient only to your staff is starting at the wrong end. Start with what works best for your guests.

  1. Children are also customers, don’t neglect them!

In the new digital world we now leave in, children mostly have access to more information than their parents and they tend to be the one to raise the awareness of their parents to a particular brand or business. All i am saying here is find a way to include them in your plans. Remember happy children, happy family.

  1. Generosity goes deep into the mind of people

Include unexpected generous packages with your logos well placed on them and give out to attendees.  This will definitely tell others about your brands and in turn make your customers stay loyal.

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