Event Vendors selection is a very important part of successful event planning, you can have all thoughts and plans in your head but getting the right event vendors team is key!

I have seen wonderful event ideas with so many nonchalant vendors that lacks the right emotional intelligence to ameliorate the ideas of the planner.

You want to make your event shine bright like a diamond?  Then you need ‘A’ list vendors, the super stars not just one that just has to answer to the word vendor.

You will need a team of vendors in-line with your type of event:

Caterers to give you the best menu lists,

Photographers to capture incredible moments and exotic pictures,

Decorators to fill the venue with emotional colours that will naturally boost the morale of the guests,

DJ’s that have mastered the art of music to lift moods of the guests when down,

A MC polished with swagger and charisma that would readily increase the flow of fun in your events.

And many others that believes in working with a team in other to create success.

“Talent wins’ games, but teamwork and intelligence wins’ championships”.

Michael Jordan.

Your vendors are the spine of your events so keep them close and inflate them with your values. Ask them about their own values also and get them to tell you about the standard of their business.

Choose a vendor with a great reputation and diligence such as Nwandos Signature for decorations.

event vendors

Always make them happy by keeping them close and well fed, remember “a hungry man is an angry man”


Here’s how to attract great vendors:  

  1. Build a reputation for making payment on time and as contracted.

No one will ever work with someone that owes, even if the reason for nonpayment was dissatisfaction. Make sure you have a strong contract with expectations laid out. If things go wrong consider that sometimes it is best to pay that person, even if you never work together again. So you don’t develop a reputation for stiffing vendors.

  1. Build your own reputation.

This can take time but you need to build a brand that is known for impressing clients. This will motivate them into referring you to people that will want to work with you. Once your brand is known for success, you’ll have event vendors coming to work with you.

  1. Impress them.

You know your goal is to impress your attendees but it also doesn’t hurt to impress your vendors. Find little, pleasant ways to make them feel special. Even if they’re not ready to work with you right now, keep them in your mind and stay in touch by surprising them in pleasing ways periodically.

  1. Stay in touch on social networks.

Do follow them on social media and distribute their content to help them improve their reach. Assisting them to grow their business makes them look and feel good which leaves an impression on them about your commitment to the vendor relationship.

  1. Be confident.

Command a room. Polish yourself well. If you lack confidence, build it. People don’t want to work with scared, uneasy people. They want someone with the confidence to succeed.

Stay focused and always practice what you preach as the team leader.

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