Some clients find it difficult to really tell the duties of an usher in an event ,’the sissy ushers ‘ always put on beautiful clothes and just stand,that  is what I get from some  clients ,hence they are not interested in hiring ushers for their events, .some even have a very negative perception that ushers are flirts,and all they do at event is collect numbers and cards  from guests

I always disagree with such conclusions ,I was an event usher for several years and I was diligent with work, I always get tips from guests. I remembered vividly my first ushering job in 2006 the pay was just #3,000 but i got extra money for a job well done ,for me ushering  was not a case of beautifully dressed and just stand, there was more to do.

Duties of event ushers

The duties of event ushers are

numerous ,I will highlight the basic ones in today’s article.

1. To Welcome and greet guests: One and foremost duties of an usher is to welcome the guest to the event,. Immediately a guest comes in to an event the first contact should be an usher after the Security .

2. Direct guests to their seats: Once a guest has been welcomed at the entrance they should be  directed to a seat .

3. Manage seating capacity: Another duty of an usher is to manage seating capacity .

4. Helps to coordinate food and drinks service: An usher helps in coordinating food and drinks so as  to get to the guests on time.

5. Takes guests order: An usher can politely ask the guest to check through the food menu and take orders on behave of the caterers

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Duties of am usher

6. Help serve food: This is usually not a duty of an usher but  when the need arises it becomes a duty  ( in a typical Nigeria party every one wants to eat at the same time and where there’s shortage of servers /waiters the pressure gets too much ,then there maybe a need for ushers to assist in serving food)

7. Assist the clients; They assists the clients with event runs. ,what I do mostly is attach ushers to the client at the event .

8.Ensures they do their best to satisfy  guests need within the event : An usher must ensure the guests are satisfy ,provide all necessary things needed ,and if what the guest wants is finished or not available ,an usher should go back and politely tell the guest The situation rather than just disappear

9. Answers event related questions: must have a basic knowledge of the event ,such as the purpose of the event ,the families ,companies or individuals hosting the event ,where the restroom is  etc , some ushers don’t even have a clue of what the event is about or even the names of people hosting event (this is very bad)

If you intend taking the job of an event usher or you want to hire one ,the following are the qualities that must be possessed.

Friendly and courteous


Neatly dressed & well-groomed

Effective communicator.

Smart and intelligent

.Hard working

.Team player

Go to the comment section and share  your experience with an event  Usher. I’m waiting to read from you.


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