How to Have a Fun filled Reception

Your wedding reception is always the highlight of your wedding day and the kind of program you have scheduled for the event is going to either propel the fun or reduce the fun. Your guests must have been to lots of wedding receptions which means they can probably imagine what you want to do next so your very best interest is to surprise them in other to have a fun filled reception party.

This few list of programs can make the day lively. (more…)

How to Actualize Your Wedding Day Fantasies


The imagination and fantasies of a lady about their wedding day is something that never leaves them for a second even after the wedding day. A girl wants a magnificent wedding day. No lady wouldn’t want to have a perfect and successful wedding.

My 13 year old sister told me how she had planned her wedding day in her head, she said “i want my wedding on a flying plane” i felt the unrelenting determination in her tone and all I could say to her was “best of luck”.

Her response shows just how important that great day is for ladies, the kiss, the dress, the venue, the prince charming and all these big big dreams and fantasy but only a very few percentage of the ladies think about how much work goes into the planning.

For a day as big and future deciding as this there are lots to be put in place to make it worthwhile and here’s a number of things you can do to never have a boring and shallow wedding day. (more…)