Getting Sponsors For Your Events

Setting up a mega event like an entrepreneur exhibition, beauty pageant, youth forum, talent acquisition, talk shows and many others in their kind may require that you get sponsors to relief you of certain bills and expenses especially when you don’t have enough financial power to get it all up. So in this article i will be telling you just how you can get sponsors for your events. Below are tips you can follow to get that sponsorship deal to make your events super. (more…)

Make Your Birthday The One To Remember

So you are about to cycle out of the another 365 days and you think it’s not worth celebrating?  For what it’s worth most people don’t live to see their next birthday but here you are marking another new year in knowledge, maturity, love and happiness. Mehn! You’ve got to make this next birthday a super one. I celebrated mine some months back and it was filled with fun and clinical adventures. You wish i had invited you right?  No need to worry i am gonna give you a laid down plan of how to make your birthday party fun to the fullest! (more…)