When the word “BRAND” is mentioned, a thought comes to mind, “Business”, and Not Event Branding yes we know how important it is for a business to have a very attractive brand. Branding cannot be taken away from a business because this brings about the image and perception of the business in the consumers mind. Effective branding is also very important to create a strong identity for your event.Most event planners neglect this important part of an event which in turn creates an event that is easily forgettable. Here i will talk about how branding your event will bring success and also lots of crowd to your event. If that’s part of your event goal then you have to continue reading this article.

  1. Event Theme

It is quite baffling how some event planners pay very little attention to the theme of their events. To achieve desired results for your events you have to think about the power of a very good theme for an effective event branding. Imagine the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi it’s the power of the brand name that makes Coca-Cola spare head the market. Think of a creative theme that will readily appeal to your guests’ emotions, something very powerful that they can’t resist. See the difference between an educational event, “education is the key in Nigeria” and “changing the course and direction of education in Nigeria”. The former theme sounds vague and the latter is specific and interesting to the mind.

  1. Visuals.

Theme can also be categorized under visuals ,meaning the colors,images etc that will be seen  by your guest at the event .Choosing images and colors is very crucial in event branding  This is what will register the event on the mind of expected guests. Stay in line with common style and color templates. Choose strategic images to go with your event

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  1. The Perception.

Imagine how you feel when you see Coca-Cola “taste the feeling” this has given u perception of the brand; you know what it feels like in your mind. Same goes for your events, your introduction and Taglines should not be over looked in branding your event. For a mentor-ship event think about something like “learn, grow and succeed” this has told you everything about the program and event. Make sure it is very creative and direct.


  1. Your event logo.

The world today knows the importance of logos in event branding and you do not want to come short here. Be creative, direct and profound with your event logos. You can also use your company’s logo but a little tweak to the logo isn’t a bad idea also.




  1. Event Trademark.

Many events starts with a comedy show, this isn’t at all a bad idea. Choose your trademark creatively for your event brand and make sure it is something organic that people won’t find anywhere else. No idea is totally unique so make sure even if they find your trademark anywhere it will still speak the name of your event.


  1. Event Ambassadors.                         This also tells more about the uniqueness of your events. A well appreciated celebrity will be perfect to endorse your event  and this can be achieved by using placards or props with the theme of the event boldly written on it.

I Hope you find the Event branding tips helpful for your next event,Drop your comments!

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