An Event planner spend days planning events, weddings and special occasions for a wide range of clients. Event planners are very creative people born ready to take charge of event with their organizational and planning skills .Planning events can be very stressful and demanding hence, reasons you need an event planner

So many people don’t see a need to hire a professional planner for their events

However, a question that is often asked is…

 When do you need a professional event planner to help you out?

To answer this question we’ve listed 6 reasons why you might consider hiring an event planner.


  1. You will save money: I know you are already asking save or spend more? Most people believe hiring a pro planner will cost them a fortune but reality is a good event planner will work to make sure you get the best event possible within your budget. Most planners already have good relationships with vendors,  that way they get a better deal than an individual approach directly to the vendors

event planner  

  1. You need to stay within your budget: An event planner draws a realistic budget and make sure the clients sticks to it, this is what professional planners do best, they are also skilled negotiators and will make sure you’re always getting value for money.

 event planner

  1. Finding the right vendor: A planner knows the right vendors for you, fitting your budget, he or she advises on the vendors that will do a great job to give you an extraordinary event.


  1. Your time is valuable, save it!: it takes an average of 250HRS to plan an event, Imagine a bride to be working 8A.M to 5P.M planning her own wedding by herself in a typical Naija day-to-day activity, I bet she won’t achieve anything, but hiring a planner will save you plenty of time meeting your style and demands in a timely fashion.
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  1. The stress is taken off you: Throughout the planning process, you get to relax knowing that you have a trust worthy project manager dedicated to making your event succeed.No managing multiple groups of people, vendors   dealing with every minor problem and decision .Plus, you’ll actually be able to enjoy your event. Instead of running around making sure everything is happening as it should, you’ll have undercover superheroes handling it all for you. That means all you need to do is, show up, look good and enjoy being the host.


Event planner
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  1. Your event will be organized: Hiring an event planner guarantees you a well-organized event , everything including seating arrangement, itinerary ,event flow and a well detailed floor plan will be handled by the planner No other person has the time to ensure that all vendors are working harmoniously together, only your planner does.


  1. Trouble Shooting: Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much planning goes into an event something can go array and if it does…an event planner can tackle it immediately event without your guest noticing ,the job of a professional is to fix it and make everything looks perfect.


Oops! number 7 already I can keep going on with reasons why you need an event planner, the reasons are numerous.  Are you still in doubt? If one of these reasons resonates, then it’s time to look up an event planner in your location.


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