The imagination and fantasies of a lady about their wedding day is something that never leaves them for a second even after the wedding day. A girl wants a magnificent wedding day. No lady wouldn’t want to have a perfect and successful wedding.

My 13 year old sister told me how she had planned her wedding day in her head, she said “i want my wedding on a flying plane” i felt the unrelenting determination in her tone and all I could say to her was “best of luck”.

Her response shows just how important that great day is for ladies, the kiss, the dress, the venue, the prince charming and all these big big dreams and fantasy but only a very few percentage of the ladies think about how much work goes into the planning.

For a day as big and future deciding as this there are lots to be put in place to make it worthwhile and here’s a number of things you can do to never have a boring and shallow wedding day.


  1. Getting to know your vendors.

Be it your DJ, your MC, your Caterer, your florist or your venue provider, its highly recommend and important you meet with them and get familiar to pour out the idea of your type of wedding  them. By the time they have gotten used to the planning and your ideas. I bet your wedding would come out as colorful as you had imagined.

  1. Keep Your Friends as background supervisors.

Your vendors are professionals, Yes, but you need to have people close to you monitoring the proceedings on your wedding day  should a need arise for a quick change of plans, they will easily attend to it while you attend to other things since they are well familiar with your taste.

  1. Be flexible with your details.
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Lots of things can change on the very day, don’t go about causing unnecessary stress and chaos by wanting to stick with the script at all cost. Trust your vendors and family members that they all want your best at heart and you should always know that the end result will always be you marrying the man of your dreams.

  1. Marry your man.

You’ve had lots of days to plan and the day is here. Enjoy your day without fear, mingle with your guests and have fun as you work down the isle to say “I Do”

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