Years back, say a decade or more ago, brides were more  concerned about their guests being well fed and their wedding beautiful,  but fast-forward to 2017, brides still put the aforementioned as very important wedding planning details but they have added more…. The art of beauty..

Every bride’s dream is to have a slay team that would turn heads at the wedding ,and with the impressive growth the makeup industry in Nigeria has experienced it is now more like a culture to have a makeup artist beat your face to perfection on your wedding day.


Today we feature the 10 most exceptional bridal makeup artists in Nigeria.

These makeup artists have perfected the art of bridal makeup and using different techniques they always create seamless, yet stunning makeup looks that transform the bride to the most beautiful woman on her big day.

In no particular order, here are 10 most exceptional bridal makeup artists in Nigeria.

  1. Banke Meshida-Lawal: popularly know as BMpro Is no doubt one of the Queen mothers of makeup artistry in Nigeria. She is the founder of popular beauty line BMpro. She is an expert makeup artiste with over a decade of experience. Her clientele includes the high and mighty and she is booked several months before events.  This makeup artist has a spec for clean and extremely simple makeup looks.      

  1. Bimpe Onakoya: Bimpe Onakoya Is a phenomenal woman who has turned makeup into more of an art. Her makeup looks are absolutely gorgeous. She is famous amongst celebrities and she did the bridal makeover of popular O.A.P Toolz Oniru. Bimpe Onakoya seeks nothing less than perfection in her bridal looks.
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  1. Oshewa Beauty: Oshewa Beauty Is a pro when it comes to bridal makeovers she is no new name as she has spent several years beautifying different brides for their one in a lifetime day.

  1. Bibyonce: Celebrity makeup artist Bibyonce over the years has served us different bridal looks that we can’t get enough. She is well known for her edgy and daring looks.

  1. Zainab Azeez is CEO of Z.A make- over, this woman’s skills in make up is always high above pass mark as she knows how to use her tools to bring out the best from the faces of her brides

6.Tints makeup pro: This makeup artist creates more stunning looks on her brides.  She leaves them with the best finishes possible.

  1. Jojo’s touch: Jojo Banna Is the woman behind Jojo’s touch, she makes dreams come true for Many brides on their big day. She is well known for her air brush technique which helps to give a really soft and smooth finish to her brides.

  1. Jide Stola: Jide isn’t your regular makeup artist because he is in a profession filled with women But that hasn’t stopped him.  Jide’s bridal makeovers are so Lit.. His works can make the groom fall over in love again once he sees his bride walking down the aisle with her face beat by jide

  1. Anita brows: Anita is responsible for most of the gorgeous looks you see on Toke Makinwa. She is a terrific makeup artist who creates really beautiful bridal looks on her clients.

  1. Joyce Jacob Beauty: Drama is what this makeup artist creates with her looks.. She is very very particular about details and ensures that her brides glow. It’s better to see her works than to talk because there is simply no description for how she achieves such flawless looks.
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  1. David Sucre. David just like Jide is another guy ruling in the makeup world. He has magical fingers and he makes the most beautiful brides, his Instagram page will make you droll. He is well known for his nude looks.

I know I said 10 But there was no way to leave out no 11 out of this list.  So consider it an awoof from me.

There you have it, some of the Best bridal makeup artists in Nigeria.

So if you currently planning for your big day you can go through the list and look for those that fit into your budget ,as some of them are really pricey but the good thing is you get your money’s worth in full as you can be sure of the perfect look on your big day.


Having any of these beauty professionals beat your face on your big day will definitely leave you as the most beautiful woman in the world and you deserve it because it’s your day.

I will like to know who your best make up artist is and why ,kindly drop your comments.Thank You.

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    1. Hi Busola, thanks for reading this article and sharing your opinion ,the list was compiled based on an assessment of public opinion by questioning a representative sample,it was a very tough decision coming up with the list as we had a lot of renowned and good makeup artists to choose from,but i hope we were able to meet your expectation even if Labisi Folawiyo of faces by Labisi was left out ,we promise to feature more makeup artists,so watch out our next article might be about your favorite.

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